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Everything you need to know about Shirudo AGR+E

March 01, 2017

How to use Shirudo AGR+E lotion

15 minutes before sun exposure, apply a small (we really mean small) quantity of AGR+E lotion on sun-exposed skin and massage very well until skin is dry to the touch. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on top. Repeat both every two hours, after swimming or toweling. You can also apply at night for moisturizing. If you see any piling/flaking effect it's because you use too much. 

What sunscreen should you use ?

We recommend using your regular broad spectrum sunscreen. It’s the reason we developed a lotion without UV protection, so you can keep using the one you love. Our lotion can accommodate any skin type, region of the world, season, and time of day. Many PMLE sufferers use Laroche-Posay Anthelios or Avene broad-spectrum sunscreen. We must say, a non-mineral sunscreen will be easier to apply and will allow better skin absorption. Shirudo AGR+E is a good combination with Coppertone Sport, Ocean Potion spray, and Banana Boat sunblock.

Mineral based sunscreen (containing zinc) or very waterproof lotion will tend to leave white residue on the skin. Mixed with yellow alpha-glucosylrutin, the end result might not be aesthetically pleasant. A non-mineral sunscreen is easier to apply on top and allows better skin absorption of AGR+E.

What about the color ?
Alpha-glucosylrutin is naturally yellow in color and fully hydro soluble. Use only a small quantity and avoid contact with clothing until the skin is dry to the touch. Should yellow stains occur on clothing, please follow washing instructions. There is no need for special soap to remove stains; simply wash as you would normally do.

What is the shelf life of AGR+E lotion?

When stored in good conditions, unopened product has a shelf life of two years. Once product is open, we recommend using lotion in the next five months. Avoid contamination by using the product with clean hands and do not open the tube or touch product inside. The 5 layers white tube will protect lotion from UVs. Follow instructions on product label. If you won’t use a whole tube, you can transfer a small quantity in a clean and sanitized amber bottle with pump or cap for your daily use. Store the original tube in a dark and cool place for better and longer conservation.

If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to write at and we will promptly answer to the best of our knowledge.